Throw A Groovy 70’s Party With These Easy Dishes

By: Rebecca Guldberg | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 3:08 PM, Sep 6, 2022 Updated: 3:29 PM, Sep 6, 2022

Everything old is new again, and the days of bell bottoms are back. We’re celebrating all things 70’s with our friend, Chef Mario Gebran of the US Egg in Phoenix, Arizona who is showing us some must-haves for an incredibly 70’s party. 

You Need a Cheese Ball 

Yep, you heard it. A cheese ball. If you’re a Millennial, or even a Gen-Z’er, allow us to shed some light. A ball of cheese – on a plate – was a go-to party snack in the 70’s. And it’s ridiculously easy to make. Start with a tub of cream cheese, throw in a tablespoon of white onion, add in a little lemon juice… and don’t forget the cheddar cheese. Try this recipe out for yourself here. 

Next, Watergate Salad 

This next party must-have was not only a crowd favorite, but it was also a crowd pleaser on the table. Starting with pistachio pudding mix, add in pineapple juice. Then – of course – add in Cool Whip. Give it an hour in the fridge and top with marshmallows and a cherry. We’ve got the full recipe right here so you can recreate this beauty at home. 

Finally, Champagne Punch 

Why this one ever went out of style, we’ll never know. Cranberry, limeade, pink lemonade, carbonated water… perfection! And that’s just the start. Chef Mario says add a bottle of wine… and two bottles of champagne. If that doesn’t sound like a dream come true – make sure you put on the finishing touch – an ice ring. This beautiful punch needs to be front and center at your next party.