Ticket Scams: 3 important things to look out for

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By: Jared Cotter | Jessica Robertson Posted: 1:47 PM, Apr 5, 2017

4 million people get scammed buying event tickets that don't exist every year. Jared Cotter and online technologist Eric Marcus have the three top ways to avoid becoming one of these victims..

1.  Spot a Fake

It's very easy in this day and age to use a high-end copier, a high-end piece of paper and put it on there. There are many ways to fake a ticket, but the real deal will have the company's foil and proper perforations on it.

2.  Buy Online Securely

If you're buying online look for the letters HTTPS on the top of the website. That tells you is it's an SSL encrypted site which means all of your payment information is not transmitted across the web and the website is who they say they are. There is no way to fake the "S". Beware of community sights like Craigslist, Facebook and any user could be selling fake tickets.

3.  Recognize When a Deal Isn’t a Deal

Everybody wants a good deal and if you’re buying a ticket for much cheaper than the original price, then that is a major red flag. StubHub and Ticketmaster are sites that guarantee your tickets, you can track your money and there's no way to duplicate the ticket.

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