Tidy Up for the Holidays with These 3 Gadgets

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By: Donna Ruko | Jessica Robertson Posted: 1:45 PM, Dec 1, 2016

It’s the holidays and visitors are coming! Is your house guest-ready? Donna Ruko has three innovative gadgets to help keep your pad clean so you can relax and enjoy your friends and family this holiday season.

1.  KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

Cut down on the spread of germs and retro-fit your bathroom with this cool touchless toilet flush kit. The secret is the actuator that automatically flushes the toilet when it senses your hand movement. It only takes 20 minutes to install and you can pick one up for around $66.

2.  Winbot

This cool robot cleans your windows. It sticks to glass with high-pressure suction and scans the shape of the window, automatically adjusting its path. The Winbot also comes with cleaning solution and two extra cleaning pads. Pick one up for around $180 to $400 depending on the model.

3.  Dyson V6 Mattress

Clear away allergens for your guests with this mattress vacuum. Dyson says the V6 Mattress Vacuum can suck up the 20 allergens dust mites produce every day. Pick one up for around $244.

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