Time for a Pantry Cleanse! 4 Toxic Foods to Replace with Healthier Swaps

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By: Jessica Robertson | Jared Cotter | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 6:08 PM, Apr 5, 2018

Cooking is all about using the right ingredients, but could be using some that are way past their prime. That economy-sized jug of cooking oil, and spice canisters where the type face is obsolete  they've got to go! Celebrity Nutritionist and Author Alexandra Catalano says some staple pantry items could be hurting you. That's why she's teaching us how to do a "pantry cleanse." Read on for four fixes to your pantry pandemonium.

1. Bad Oils and Fats  

First on our list are bad oils and fats. Got canola oil? Get rid of it! It's one of the biggest contributors to heart disease in America. All hydrogenated oils promote inflammation and negatively impact cholesterol. A healthier alternative is olive oil, but make sure it's in a dark-glass bottle. You also always want extra virgin, and cold-pressed. Coconut oil is also wonderful as it controls cholesterol. Flaxseed oil is high in Omega 3's ,and Guee – a type of clarified butter – is packed with vitamins. 

2. Enriched Foods 

The word enriched actually means that the vitamins and minerals have been stripped out of there, and they try to stick some back in, because they've been too heavily processed. Furthermore, enriched flours, pastas and even snacks like crackers have been bleached. So instead of these, try almond flour that is rich in Vitamin E. You can also try coconut or flaxseed flours, flaxseed crackers, buckwheat and chickpea-based pastas. 

3. Refined Sugars and Salt 

This one can be a hard one to do, but we must get rid of it! Sugar is incredibly toxic, not to mention addictive. You can swap it out for a natural sweetener that won't hurt your body and won't raise your blood sugar. Look for swap outs, like Stevia, Manuka Honey, or Monk Fruit Sweetener. The latter has a different consistency to sugar, but it's just as sweet.  

Processed table salt is loaded with chemical additives and all of the good minerals have been taken out of it. Celtic Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt are very healthy and don't contribute to high blood pressure. 

4. Expired Spices 

Finally, get rid of expired spices. Once they've expired, you're not going to get the same taste or health benefits. After six months, you do really want to toss them. Catalano recommends getting just a couple of good spices that you can use all the time. For example, turmeric, cayenne, and Ceylon cinnamon are super spices with many health benefits. Use them often enough, and you don't have to toss them. 

5. What to Keep in Your Fridge

Now that you know how to clear out your pantry, learn what you should move into fridge in our video below!

This pantry cleanse is making us feel better already. We guarantee that when you use high-quality, nutrient-filled ingredients, you'll notice the benefits right away.  

What pantry items are YOU getting rid of? Join the conversation and tell us why on our Facebook page @TheListShowTV. 

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