Tips for Working from Home Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The ongoing pandemic means many people are still working from home – so they might need some help staying motivated, and the answers could be in astrology! We spoke with astrologer Jim Ventura for tips on working from home based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries is a Mars ruled sign so they can be driven to make it work and either enjoy the independence or find it quite frustrating. Exercise, yoga, and stretching can go a long way before or after (or in between) a workday. Make a list of everything you need to tackle tomorrow the night before and this can make the process more productive.



Taurus can get used to working from home because they generally enjoy the comforts of home already. Frequent snack breaks, enjoying a good cup of tea or coffee can be satiating during the workday. Taurus tends to like routine so it might take a bit to create a new routine to begin with but once committed they will tend to stay on it because Taurus is a fixed sign.



Gemini is great at multitasking. They can juggle a lot of things all at once. Multiple inputs aren’t a strain for Gemini. They can work on two computers with Judge Judy in the background all at the same time. Maybe a mid-day break or two to chat with a friend or family member via FaceTime or a Facebook check can satiate their social needs. Changing your routine from time to time can make it all feel more fluid.



Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so they can have amazing or uncomfortable days sometimes even within the same day! While it can take some adjusting to find a work at home pattern, surrounding yourself with that things that bring you a sense of warmth on your desk or workplace can help. Maybe a few breaks to play with the kids, dog, cat, or to connect with family can make it a bit more fun. Your workspace needs to feel good.



Leo likes to interact a bit with others. Whether to make people laugh, or show off something they have done well, complete isolation is not ideal, but Leo can make it work. Give yourself a much-needed treat; something yummy, or a play break like online games from time to time. Maybe even go for a walk outside as a break and safely interacting with people briefly like you did on the job will actually make you more productive when you get back to work.



Virgo can adapt to working at home better than many signs. They are mutable and can multitask, pulling off multiple projects and potentially do all of them well. The test is to not be so hard on yourself if you make a mistake along the way and getting the right flow may take a bit to accomplish. If you don’t get it right or everything done according to plan, remember tomorrow is another day!



Libra tends to be a social sign, so working from home can limit some of the joys of interacting with others. Yet video conferencing and other outlets for discussing ideas can make it work. Find new creative ways to keep your work and social lives balanced, and maybe even dress for success. Using their infinite charm, Libras can excel to make a work day at home balanced and fun.



Scorpios might complain about the challenge of working from home, but they can always overcome. Their penetrating minds can still focus on getting ahead, and in many different other ways. You just need to come up with new ways to influence others. And besides, not having to deal with all those irritating drivers and frustrating co-workers can add some cheer!



Sagittarius is a restless sign, but they are mutable and adaptable. Because most are storytellers, focusing on both the creative and limited aspects of working at home can be fun. You can eventually share these stories, too! Social exchange still needs to be expressed, but Sagittarius will find a way. Plan a vacation often to keep spirits up, and maybe a vision board strategically placed in your home office!



Capricorn is not noted for being overly social so working at home has some real advantages. A cardinal sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorns can purge through just about anything successfully in time. Maybe they’d enjoy a gardening break or researching new ways to get more organized. Finding other positive ways to handle their skills at being the “responsible one”, Capricorn can still climb up the ladder of success even from home!



Aquarius are fixed air signs. They tend to always have some goal they are working toward. Make one of your goals to be successful at this too. Finding a purpose in working from home can go a long way. They are eccentric, so finding unique ways to work and creating the perfect home office can keep them stimulated. Social media breaks with like-minded people can also motivate!



Pisces are mutable water signs. They do need connection to others but also enjoy retreating from the crowd to “reknit”, so working from home can really work. Focus on the good aspects of all of it! Light some candles or incense, and make your office and workspace smell nice and feel good. Maybe getting a colorful fish tank would brighten the space!


Feeling motivated yet? Now you can make working from home work for you with tips based on your zodiac sign!