Tips to Throw a Summer Party

Top of the List
By: Ally Flahive | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 4:22 PM, Jun 6, 2022 Updated: 4:10 PM, Jun 7, 2022

Grab a drink! Summer is here and it’s time to party. We had the time of our lives with super couple Allison Hoker and her Husband ‘Twitch’ (of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ fame) and learned how to throw a boss summer party.

First, Start With The Playlist

“There’s so much good music out there, you know, that spans across generations. You gotta think about, okay, what are your kids gonna dance to? And, and say, you don’t have kids. What are your younger cousins, your younger nieces and nephews, or just younger kids?” Twitch says. “Like what are they walking around singing? And then you’re like, you know what, what if my grandparents are at the party? Or what if my, what if my auntie who’s just like stuck in the seventies is still at the party.”

Now that you’ve got the music going, next up is…

Let’s Get Dancing

Everyone can do a two step! Start small and go from there – especially if you’re new to dancing. Also, follow The Boss Family on TikTok to learn some fun, easy dance moves to impress everyone!

Finally, Have a Game

Try a spin on Simon Says! Allison says, “We both danced – whatever I do, it’s wrong. Whatever he does, it’s right – it’s a good thing! So, you know, you wanna put on your own personal twist.”

Have a killer playlist, dance your heart out, play a game and have a fun summer party!