To-Do: 3 reasons to zoom to a Monster Jam event

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:16 PM, Apr 14, 2017

Monster Jam has been a huge sport for a long time and now it's only getting bigger and better. And it isn't just for truckers or guy's night anymore either. There's heart stopping, loud cheering, good time having fun to be had for everyone at a Monster Jam rally. So go big or go home: Kristina Guerrero's got 3 reasons you need to get to a Monster Jam event.

1. Fast Growing Motorsport

Over 4 million people come out to Monster Jam every year to watch the car crushing action. Every year features new drivers and new souped up cars for you to root and cheer for, not to mention new courses to for them to crush.

2. Not Just For the Boys

You'll see every kind of person at a Monster Jam event, from families of kids, to friends out for fun on the weekend, boys, girls, even grandparents. And that's not just in the stands: there are even more women in the drivers seats of trucks, giving us all new role models to look up to. And we mean really look up to, because…

3. Larger Than Life

The cars you'll see are 10,000 pounds with 800 pound tires almost as tall as some of the drivers. The energy in the crowd is so contagious as everyone waits for the big trucks to come out and crush. Between the arena food favorites, good friends, and sweet cars, you might become a Monster Jam fan faster than you think.

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