Toilet Paper Dress?! 3 unusual fashion trends

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jared Cotter | Elyse Johnson Posted: 7:35 PM, Jul 17, 2017

A lot of people say you shouldn't chuck your old clothes because they'll come back in style, but with some of the stuff we're looking at, you might want rethink that idea. Kristina Guerrero and Jared Cotter have some very trendy and very unusual dress fabrications on today’s Buzz List.

3.  Hat Dress

Besides some strategically placed ribbon, this one is made of up of eight straw hats. The dress from Jacquemus is selling for over $3 grand!

2.  Toilet Paper Dress

Now it's not just for your bathroom. These dresses made of toilet paper are for your wedding. Quilted Northern and Cheap Chic Weddings are holding a contest to see who can create the best wedding gown out of TP and the results are amazing. Contest rules say only TP, glue, tape and thread may be used so considering you can flush away thousands on a wedding dress, this is a great cost effective alternative.

1.  Watermelon Dress

This one you don't actually wear, but a strategically placed and well cut watermelon slice in a picture can look like it. It already has over 6 thousand hashtags on Instagram and it's not just ladies getting in on internet sensation because men and pets are sporting it too.

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