Top 3 best states for retirement across America

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 2:07 PM, Apr 13, 2017

It turns out an astonishing 47 percent of Americans would consider relocating for retirement, but sunshine and beaches are no longer the top draw. Now it’s all about cost of living, health care quality and crime. Priorities are changing as people are living longer and pensions are disappearing. As a result, previous most popular states like Florida and Arizona didn't crack the top 10. Lindsey Granger and Bankrate's Claes Bell are counting down the top three most popular states to retire in 2017 across America.

3.  Maine

People there report a high level of well-being and their crime is really low. The most forested state in the union, with about 240 miles of coastline, Maine is famous for its lighthouses, fishing villages and thousands of offshore islands. It's also famous for inspiring one of the friendliest clowns in literary and cinema history… Stephen King’s Pennywise!

2.  Colorado

The state where the cheeseburger was invented, Colorado has an incredibly diverse landscape, low taxes and is one of the top states for business. They also have some really great beer!

1.  New Hampshire

It's a little surprising because they have that cold weather, but they also have a number of big plus sides for seniors. One of the original 13 colonies, the Granite State has excellent health care, low taxes, beaches, mountains and is not only the home state of Alan Shepard, the first American into space, but also presidential candidate Vermin Supreme.

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