Top 3 Bverage Documentaries Streaming on Netflix

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Jessica Robertson Posted: 7:35 PM, Jan 5, 2017

Beer, wine, sake – would you believe there's serious drama behind your favorite libations? Grab a pint and settle in because Bradly Hasemeyer has the top three beverage documentaries you can stream now on Netflix right now.

1.  Crafting a Nation

The film follows two brothers as they sacrifice everything to launch a craft brewing company and try to compete with the big boys of the industry.

2.  SOMM

This wine documentary follows five guys as they test to be master sommeliers. In over 40 years only 170 people have ever passed the test!

3.  The Birth of Saké

Six generations of the Yoshida Brewery spend six months of the year away from their families handcrafting Saké. The brewery competes with an ever-shrinking market with honor, heritage and the techniques of the past.

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