Top 3 College Town Pizza Joints Across America

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By: Brian Corsetti Posted: 4:36 PM, Nov 3, 2016

Pizza is always a hit with students because it’s cheap and easy. This has created a lot of competition across America so we decided to find the best of the best. Brian Corsetti and Slices’ Rodd Kestenbaum have the top three legendary pizza shops in college towns.

1.  Slices Pizza in Tempe, Arizona

From lunch to late night dinner, get your New York-style pizza here with a unique twist. This spot offers an amazing barbecue chicken, potato bacon and even a delicious pesto chicken with feta tomato mushrooms pizza. This semester it’s all about their salad pizza with fresh artichokes and greens. YUM!

2.  Shakespeare's Pizza in Columbia, Missouri

This is a local staple that's been around since 1973. You get a real hometown vibe at this joint. Their dough is made from scratch, they use fresh ingredients, and their sausage is made for their signature pizza called the masterpiece — a pie with so many toppings it includes 31 clams. Students keep coming back years after they graduate.

3.  Satchel's Pizza in Gainesville, Florida

The owner is a quirky artist so the ambience is awesome, and of course the pizza is out of this world. They buy top of the line pepperonis and even rib-eye steak for their steak and cheese pie. Their homemade soda has become legendary. This joint has it all!

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