Top 3 Coolest Movie Theater Experiences Across America

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By: Brian Corsetti Posted: 4:43 PM, Oct 13, 2016

We live in amazing times where we can watch big name movies in the comfort of our home. This means we sometimes just skip the theater experience altogether. Brian Corsetti has three of the coolest and unique cathedrals of cinema across America that are worth getting off the couch for.

1.  Pollack Tempe Cinemas in Tempe, AZ

Real estate mogul Michael Pollack is such a movie buff that he opened a theater just for the community. This awesome spot only charges $3 to see a movie! You can’t beat that deal.

2.  Starlight Six Drive-In in Atlanta, GA

There were over 4,000 drive-in theaters back in the day, but now there are barely 400.  Starlight is a rare gem that's been open since 1949 and they have perfected the drive-in movie experience. Who doesn't want to bring back great memories while watching a flick?

3.  The Tampa Theatre in Tampa, FL

This theater provides a movie experience that you just don't get anymore in the modern day. It has been called one of the ten most beautiful theaters in the world by BBC and Trip Advisor! Definitely a cinema experience that will last a lifetime.

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