Top 3 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the Country

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 8:54 PM, Oct 27, 2017

It's always great to get out and have a nice meal with the family, but that usually means leaving your fur babies at home. Today on the Buzz List Teresa Strasser has the top three dog-friendly dinner spots in the country so Fido doesn't get left out of the fun.

3.  Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

They have locations in California, Nevada, Texas and will be opening in Colorado soon. They have a great patio and even offer a special menu for the dogs.

2.  Shake Shack

They have locations nationwide and also offer a menu for the pups including a sweet custard treat. YUM!

1.  O.H.S.O Brewery & Distillery

They have locations throughout Arizona and all of them feature a patio with a barking bar. They even have free dog treats made from the spent grain that the brewery uses to make their beer.

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