Top 3 Food Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

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By: Donna Ruko | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:03 PM, Nov 18, 2016

When it comes to our health, education is the most important thing. We saw the effects of fast food consumption in the Academy Award winning documentary Super-Size Me. Since then others have followed suit exposing sneaky sugars and delving into GMO controversy. Donna Ruko has the top three food docs you can stream right now on Netflix.

1.  Fed Up

Produced by Katie Couric, this focuses on America’s huge obesity epidemic. The film links sugar to not just obesity, but diabetes and numerous other health issues. laws are in the works to curb our consumption, but the film shows how legislative attempts are often met by opposition because the sugar lobby makes things, um, sweet for their industry//pockets.

2.  Forks Over Knives

It looks at the health of people in parts of the world who traditionally lived on a whole food, plant based diet and how, as American diets invaded, their health declined. Much of our western diet consists of processed foods, red meats and dairy. The film explores that diet as a possible link to heart disease and other illnesses which diminish our quality of life and burden our health care system.


This one explores the controversial subject matter of genetically modified organisms in our food supply. Groups are fighting for laws to be passed to label GMO foods, but biotech corps like Monsanto are resisting. 75 percent of processed foods in our supermarkets contain GMO's, so these things are on a lot of people's minds and in their intestinal tracts.

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