Top 3 gadgets golf lovers will want this year

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 5:17 PM, Apr 4, 2017

Spring is here and with better weather comes our favorite outdoor sports. One of the most popular is of course is golfing. If you’re looking to make the greens more exciting this year then we’ve got you covered. Jared Cotter has three new golf gadgets.

1.  Night Eagle

This is a golf ball that glows in the dark so you can get your game on at night. It's loaded with a bright LED that comes in four different colors and stays lit for 30 continuous hours. They are the official size and weight of a normal golf ball and have an off switch in case you're playing during the day. You can pick up a 6-pack for around $40.


This is a pair of smart shoes that wants to step up your game. They work with an app that gives you the facts and stats, also records video and sound during your stroke — highlighting key positions like backswing and impact. They’re available to preorder for around $360.

3.  GolfBoard

This is a cool cart that wants you to surf the links. The GolfBoard lets you carve your way through the course at a top speed of 12 ½ miles per hour. It’s no wonder pro surfer Laird Hamilton co-founded it. Pick one up for around $6,500.

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