Top 3 high-tech thermometers heating up 2017

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By: Donna Ruko | Orlando Morales Posted: 2:57 PM, Apr 18, 2017

New innovations are making it much easier to keep our temperature in check. Donna Ruko found the top three high-tech & smart thermometers of 2017.

1.  TempTraq

No more waking up your kid up to check for a fever thanks to this cool invention. You just place the disposable patch under an arm and pair it with an app and it continuously displays the numbers on your smartphone. Pick one up for around $16.

2.  Tympani Smart Thermometer

For iOS or Android — You plug an infrared sensor into your headphone jack and stick it in your ear. You get your results in two seconds! Their video highlights a feature that tracks and records your temperature as you check over time. Pick one up for around $50.

3.  Check-my-Temp

This is a wearable that wants to monitor temps 24/7. Basically you place it around you or your children’s arm. Their app then lets you set a temperature threshold so it'll alert you if their running too high or too low. It also has a motion tracker that'll tell you if your kiddoes sound asleep or on the move. Successful on crowdfunding, they're available to preorder for around $45. They've been delayed, but plan to ship in august.

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