Top 3 must-have laundry gadgets of 2017

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By: Donna Ruko Posted: 7:13 PM, Apr 26, 2017

When it comes to doing chores, laundry is often something we keep putting off, but we found some devices that are so cool, you'll want to do it every day. Donna Ruko has the top three must-have gadgets of 2017 that will keep your clothes so fresh and so clean, clean!

1.  Drumi

This small washer is all about cutting down your electric bill. It just takes a bit of legwork. You toss in some clothes, add water and detergent, then seal it up and start pumping. 5 to 10 minutes later your clothes should be clean. It’s a crowdfunding success and is available to preorder for around $300 with plans to ship in July.

2.  Solaris Plus

This dryer is great for apartment dwellers because it mounts to your wall. Just hang up to seven clothing items, zip it up and choose a drying setting. No tumbling action means no lint trap and clothes last longer. When you're drying's done you can fold it down to save space. Pick one up for around $69.

3.  FoldiMate

This wrinkle-hating robot wants to origami your outfit. The idea is you clip shirts or pants onto clips and the machine gobbles them up and brings them into the fold. Then it plops them down in a neat little stack. It also offers treatments like steam for wrinkles, fabric softeners, even perfumes and sanitizers. You can preorder one for around $850 and it should come out some time next year.

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