Top 3 online premium meat delivery services

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 7:01 PM, May 23, 2017

If you want to impress at the barbecue this summer you need to grill the good stuff. Try firing up the internet first and look for online meat. Jimmy Rhoades has a roundup of three premium meat providers that ship fresh to your door.

1.  44 Farms

Their Angus ground beef is $6.95 a pound and the minimum order is 6 pounds. Their flat-rate shipping fee is $17.95 and takes two days. That puts the total at just under $60 bucks, or $9.94 per pound.

2.  D'Artagnan Foods

They have traditional French roots, but with a contemporary approach to ecologically responsible production. D'Artagnan charges $40 for the minimum order of 5 pounds of Angus ground beef. Add another $30 for shipping and you're looking at $13.99 a pound.

3.  Meat the Butchers

Your order is custom cut specifically for you by one of their skilled artisans. They offer pre-formed, 8 ounce chuck burger California grass fed patties in sets of two for $14. If you order 6 pounds, and add the shipping, the total's $20.47 per pound.

To be fair, all these sites provide meat to high end restaurants and chefs, everything’s pasture-raised in humane conditions without any antibiotics or hormones, and they overnight everything so they can ship fresh… so nothing about this is cheap. But if you don't have a trusted corner butcher, they're good options for special occasions when you don't want to skimp.

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