Top 3 Pop Culture Tours You Can Take

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:55 PM, Nov 9, 2017

You may remember hearing about The Amityville Horror house or Home Alone home being mobbed by fans. Today on the Buzz List Teresa Strasser shares our list of the top three locations from movies and shows that fans are flocking to and so can you.

3.  Breaking Bad Tour

For $75 Breaking Bad TV Tours in Albuquerque, New Mexico will take you to iconic spots like Gustavo's Laundry Mat, Walt and Sky's car wash, and you'll have lunch at Los Pollos Hermanos aka Twisters.

2.  Game of Thrones Tour

If you can make it to Ireland, and have about $42, Game of Thrones Tours gives you a 10-hour walking tour, were you can visit spots like the Dark Hedges, Narrow Water Keep, or the Shores Of Ballintoy.

1.  Lord of the Rings Tour

Take a trip too New Zealand and for around $40 Hobbiton Tours takes you for a 2-hour tour through Hobbiton, the actual set built for the movie.

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What's the number one pop culture tour you'd love to go on? Join the conversation!