Top 3 radical new tech toys for tiny kids

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 1:59 PM, Apr 19, 2017

We love our children and they're going to love some of the radical new toys coming out this year. Jared Cotter has three new high-tech ones out this year that are so fun, you’ll want to play with them too!

1.  Edwin the Duck

This quantum quacker connects to an app so kiddoes can play games with Edwin’s physical form as they see him responding virtually on screen. Doubling as a Bluetooth speaker, parents can also play lullabies or stories when it's bed time. He even has a night light! This one is for newborns and toddlers. Pick one up for around $55.

2.  Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

This is a stationary bike and video game combo for the toddlers. It lets children spin their legs and turn their way through three different games viewed through a tablet or TV via Bluetooth. It’s the perfect hybrid for high-energy children, especially on a rainy day. It’s available to preorder for around $150. Plans are to ship in July.

3.  Galaxy ZEGA

This is a toy that combines physical and virtual play. Children drive their cars using a tablet or smartphone through a track where they pick up power ups that fight and power ups that protect. There are multiple game modes and the track can be reconfigured however they'd like. Pick one up for around $150.

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