Top 3 retro gadgets with a fun & modern twist

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 6:50 PM, Mar 17, 2017

Are you feeling nostalgic, but still want to be in the now? GOOD NEWS! Jared Cotter has the top three retro gadgets that have a fun and modern twist.

1.  Instant Cameras

More than ever we live in an instant age so why not bring back the instant camera? Polaroid has a new cam on the market called the Snap Touch. You can snap, print and share right from the device. Pick one up on for around $99.

Fujifilm is in on the action too with the Instax Cameras that come in multiple styles that range from $90 to $135, including the retro design of the Instax Mini 90. This one offers advanced features like a high performance flash for the serious photographer or for someone who just wants to take cool pictures.

2.  Record Players

Crosley has the Cruiser which is great for someone new to vinyl because it has stereo speakers in the front, a headphone jack, one simple knob for power and volume, and a built in 45 adapter. On the off chance you don’t have your favorite song on vinyl there’s even an auxiliary input so you can listen to your favorite digital music. You can pick one up for around $70.

3.  Phones

Back in the day phones didn’t do much more than make a call and none was more reliable and durable than the Nokia 3310. The icon is back with a brand-new set of tricks. It now has a modern look with smooth edges, up-to-date color screen and camera. Most importantly — it comes with an update on your favorite game of old… Snake! There's no official release date, but rumor is you can snatch one up in May for around $52. That’s a huge price cut compared to the original cost 17 years ago at $160.

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