Top 5 castles across America you can actually rent

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By: Donna Ruko | Meredith Witthar Posted: 10:24 PM, Mar 16, 2017

Maybe we can't all live happily ever after in an enchanted castle like in Disney movies, but we can stay in one for a night or two thanks to Airbnb. We have the top five in America that you can actually rent.

1.  The Castle Cottage in Bolton, New York

Feel like royalty as you survey your kingdom from a mini-castle that overlooks beautiful Lake George and starts at $395 a night.

2.  Woodstock Stone Tower Villa in Woodstock, New York

For $250 a night you can bunk in with up to 10 friends and there's stairs to the tower so you won't even have to let down your hair.

3.  Cozy Storybook Castle in Ellington, Connecticut

It was built in 1917 and you can stay there for just $175 a night. You don't have to go to Scotland like Merida from Disney’s Brave — for magic. Just head south!

4.  Williamswood Castle in Knoxville, Tennessee

This cool spot was modeled after a Scottish hunting lodge and you can stay for $425 a night.

5.  Sherwood Castle in Paige, Texas

You can rent one of five guest rooms in the castle for $125 a night, which includes admission to a fun local faire and the Celtic Festival.

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