Top 5 Coffee Shops Across America That Will Have You Buzzing

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By: Brian Corsetti Posted: 4:30 PM, Sep 21, 2016

There’s nothing like a great cup of Joe to get that much needed burst of energy, but where can you find the best? Shelbi Thomas, coffee house manager at The Henry and Brian Corsetti are tracking down the top shops in America, bases on their styles, uniqueness, coziness and originality.

1.  The Henry in Phoenix, AZ

This hot spot is known for their chill atmosphere and cool vibe. Their cold brew is the top-seller, but the Cleo is their signature drink. It has hazelnut, almond milk and then 2 oz. of espresso… Perfect to catch a BUZZ!

2.  Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, LA

They are known for their beignets, but their coffee dates back to 1862. Cafe Du Monde's style was originally inspired by the French and their French press coffee. You’ll feel the history while sipping on some extraordinary coffee.

3.  Grouchy John's Coffee in Las Vegas, NV

Nothing is grouchy about this place except for the clever name. It’s located off the Las Vegas strip and features unique styles, and Brazilian coffee. Make sure to try the Grouchy John's Latte. It’s packed with white chocolate and amaretto, with espresso and steamed milk. SWEET!

4.  Brash Coffee in Atlanta, GA

This cozy shop is made out of shipping containers, and a staff that will remember your drink order if you become a local. They import their coffee from Colombia to guarantee that fresh clean taste!

5.  Espresso Vivace  in Seattle, WA

They are known for their slowly roasted blends that develop a sweet caramel nature in the cup. Make sure to try their Espresso Dolce which is the gold standard for the most complex and balanced flavor of coffee.

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