Top 5 Extreme Zip Line Parks Across America

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By: Brian Corsetti Posted: 10:17 PM, Jul 20, 2016

There’s nothing like the feeling of soaring through the air, over trees, while taking in nature. That’s why one of the fastest growing thrill rides is zip lines. Brian Corsetti and Flagstaff Extreme’s, Daniel Barton, searched high and low, to find the nation's best zip line parks, using the criteria, the most lines, height, and overall speed.

See the top five zip line parks in the video above!

1.  Soaring Tree Top Adventures in Durango, CO

2.  Flyin Hawaiian Zipline in Maui, HI

3.  ZipRider in Icy Strait Point, AK

4.  The XTREME ZipRider in Park City, UT

5.  Screaming Eagle in Banning, GA

Flying high at our favorite zip line parks across America!

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