Top 6 Affordable Car Detailing Tricks to Better Clean Your Ride

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By: Jared Cotter | Todd Covelli Posted: 7:41 PM, Apr 2, 2018

Keeping a clean car can feel like a never-ending chore, but it doesn't have to be. Get ready to say goodbye to dog hair, French fries, and smeared windows. We're bringing you a few tricks you can do yourself to save some cash while keeping your drive squeaky clean.  

Auto detail expert Daryl Green says a deep clean, or car detailing, is key to protecting your paint and interior. He recommends getting a car detailed every six months, but there are things you can do on your own to help you save money.  

1. The Two-Bucket Wash  

This one's pretty simple, but it can make quite the difference. The first bucket is used for your clean suds and the second is your rinse bucket. Using two buckets will make sure you're not double-dipping when it comes to washing your car, and that your rags are clean every time you go in for a scrub. 

2. Dress Your Trim 

After you wash and dry your vehicle, you then move on to the trim. Daryl recommends staying away from Armor All and similar products that contain harsh chemicals and alcohols. These can break down the rubber in your trim. Water soluble products are best, and you can find them at your local auto parts store. 

3. The Clay Bar System 

This system is basically getting the surface prepped before you add any paint protection on it. You spray the car with "clay lubricant," then gently rub the bar across the surface. This removes debris without damaging the paint. Once it gets smooth, that's when you know the surface is fully clean and you're ready to prep the car for a sealant. Pro tip: Use a grocery bag to check the surface for bumps. The plastic will amplify your sense of touch. 

4. Brush Your Carpets Before Vacuuming 

By brushing up your carpets beforehand, you're breaking apart all those fibers, so when you vacuum it, it's a lot easier to pick up all of that debris. 

5. The Two-Way Glass Trick 

This trick will keep you in the clear when it comes to your front window. On the inside of your window, you want to do horizontal long strokes and, on the outside, do long, vertical strokes. This way when you see a streak, you'll know which side it's on.   

6. Get Rid of Pesky Pet Hairs 

Any pet owner will tell you how much of a pain it is to get pet hair out of your car seats. To make the job easier, put a latex glove on and rub it against the cloth seats or other upholstery where the pet hair is. The pet hair will stand out, making it easier to go over with your vacuum.  

So, there you go, life hacks to show your ride some spring cleaning love that won't hurt your budget! Do YOU have some amazing cleaning tips for the car? Sound off on our Facebook page @TheListShowTV. 

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