Trampoline Workout: 5 Bouncing Benefits

Bored with your bland workout?  We've got a way to add some flair to your routine with some fun trampoline workouts. Kristina Guerrero and personal trainer Julie Miller have a list of bouncy benefits this fun trend has to offer.

1.  Burn More Calories

You can get done in 20 minutes what you would normally do in a gym for 60 minutes. You can burn up to 1,000 calories while having fun jumping.

2.  Low Impact

A lot of people think it's hard on your knees, but it's not. The impact of the trampoline is a lot easier on your body than concrete.

3.  Full Body Workout

Even though it looks like it's only working your legs it's actually a full body workout. Different moves on the trampoline incorporate your upper body too.

4.  Bounce at Home

They do sell mini trampolines with the bar and you can do that on your own at home. This is great way to get your lymphatic and endocrine system going for the day.

5.  Fun

This trampoline exercise brings a smile to your face and brings out your childlike nature. It's hard not to have fun while doing this workout.

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