Travel Etiquette: 6 Basic Rules You Should Know

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 6:07 PM, Dec 1, 2016

United Airlines is unveiling new fare and seating policies, meaning more airlines are jumping on the "extra fees" bandwagon. The cost of air travel during the holidays is stressful enough so Lindsey Granger and Y’all Are Rude! author Miss Lora are showing us how to be on our best behavior when we board the flight.

1.  Armrests

It’s rude to take someone else's seat that they paid for and that's exactly what happens when you pull that armrest up. Also, if you're stuck in the middle seat, the bottom line is the arm rests belong to you.

2.  Windows

There may be someone who is claustrophobic and they really need that window open. Be polite and find out what the majority of people in your row like.

3.  Headphones

When someone is making a funny face at you, you know it’s time to turn down the volume.

4.  Food

You don’t want to stink up the plane so your best bet is a sandwich, but stay away from tuna.

5.  Headrests

Don’t pull on them when you’re moving around the plane. If you want to get up, that's what armrests are for and if you need help, just ask somebody.

6.  Baggage

When exiting the plane you should wait for the person before you to get their bag down. If you have a connecting flight to catch, talk to the flight attendant for help.

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