Travel for cheap with the Green Screen Granny!

Have you always wanted to go scuba diving or horseback riding on a vacation but just couldn't afford it? Don't fret! You can live out your most adventurous dreams without even leaving the comfort of your home. Don't believe us? Let 62-year-old Tatiana Subbotina show you how with her hilarious high-tech traveling videos and a hint of green…

See? All you need is some computer effects and a whole lot of green and you can be anywhere you want. You could even visit Tatiana in St. Petersburg! If you can't get enough of our green screen granny, check out more of her videos below. And if anyone reading knows how to speak Russian, please tell Tatiana that we love her videos, so much.

1. Tatiana and Friends Among the Flowers

Tatiana introduces us to a handsome devil of a gentleman who walks us through the flowers. How romantic! Although we can't help but feel like we've seen him somewhere before…

2. A Drive and a Dive

Tatiana takes us on a tour of the country side, that happens to be right next to an ocean with a giant whale majestically swimming, and also happens to be right next to a beautiful field of flowers. You won't even need your whole body for this adventure! Plus get a sneak peak of her Green Screen magic!

3. The Grass Is Always Greener on the Green Screen

What do Tatiana and Russian President Vladimir Putin have in common…? Give up? They both look great riding a horse! It does make you look pretty powerful…live out your presidential dreams with this green screen ride into the sunset.

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