Travel Tech: Top 3 speech translator wearables of 2017

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 9:29 PM, Mar 28, 2017

There a great big wonderful world out there, but if worrying about the language barrier is keeping you from experiencing it then it’s time to relax. Kristina Guerrero has three translation wearables that will have you talking like a local.

1.  ili Wearable Translator

This cool gadget gives you the freedom to communicate with anyone, anywhere. Just speak into this tiny translator and in about 0.02 seconds it translates. It supports three languages including English, Japanese and Chinese. The creators say more languages are on the way as demand increases. It plans to ship this year, but no price is set yet.

2.  Pilot Speech Translator

Understand the world better with these ear buds from Waverly Labs. Just put them in your ears and they will translate a bunch of different languages for you. You can preorder a pair for around $250.

3.  SpeechTrans Watch

Style meets function with the speech translator watch. It’s like having the U.N. delegation on your wrist. It can switch between 44 languages and also serves as a phone, camera, fitness tracker and a lot more. This is a subscription service and runs up to $200 a year.

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