Travel Tips: Where to vacation based on your zodiac sign

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By: Donna Ruko | Elyse Johnson Posted: 2:33 PM, Apr 21, 2017

The stars have aligned and they're saying you need a vacation, but where should you go? Look to your zodiac sign! Each sign of the Zodiac has a preference for travel. Some signs, like Scorpio, use vacation days to recharge. Then there are the fire signs that love to travel and explore. Donna Ruko and astrologist Jane Elizabeth have a list of the best vacations based on your astrological sign.

1.  Sagittarius

Known for their never-ending hunt for knowledge, the archer needs a destination where they learn. They’re explorative, curious and inquisitive so they need to travel to a place where they can learn the core the roots the certain old history of a destination.

2.  Gemini

Symbolized by the twins for their dual personality, this air sign needs a trip filled with excitement. The Gemini should look for a place that's going to activate their adrenaline and adventurous spirit.

3.  Capricorn

This sign is fiercely ambitious; always trying to get ahead so the goat needs a place to let go and just unwind. They're constantly working so Capricorns need to find some where they can go relax.

4.  Cancer

The crab of the zodiac needs some pampering and care. Cancers are traditionally nurturing, material, caregivers so they should look for a place where they can be nurtured.

Check out the full list:

Best Travel Spot According to your Zodiac Sign by Jane Elizabeth

Sagittarius – A place that is rich in history

Capricorn – A vacation to mainly get some rest and relaxation

Aquarius – A destination with Music and Art

Pisces – A trip filled with great food and a place with an attentive staff

Aries –  A spot where you can shop and get plenty of play time (think Frisbee, volleyball, or )

Taurus – A truly relaxing spot

Gemini – A destination that combines adventures and adrenaline

Cancer – A trip where you get plenty of nurturing

Leo –  A place where you not only have fun and learn but there’s  an element of fear.

Virgo – A spot where there is great food and where the customer service is on point.

Libra – A destination where there are plenty of restaurants

Scorpio – A place with the population is small and the food is fresh

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