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By: Laurel Portie | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 9:34 PM, May 1, 2017

If you love your mommy then you know that Mother's Day is coming up fast! Every year, we want to give our moms awesome gifts that aren't boring, old standards – but also won't break the bank. If it sounds like an impossible task, don't sweat it: We've found a list of 11 unique gifts you can grab for any mom: the bookworm, art lover, entertainer, even the joke-crackin' mom. Plus she'll actually be able to use them! And all for at or under 25 bucks.

The Go-Go-Go Mom

All moms are busy, busy, but some moms have so much going on in one day, they barely get time to sit down! If your mom is jumping from meeting to meeting to workout to meeting, she could use these:

1. Adrienne Vittadini Charging Wristlet

Mom can charge her phone on the go with a wallet wristlet that looks like a designer purse, but works harder and is wayyy cheaper. The wallet contains a removable USB charging power bank so Mama doesn't have to struggle with a dead phone. And the purse still has room for two extra pockets! Find the wristlet in a variety of colors to fit Mom's style, all for $19.99!

2. Chill Pill Aromatherapy Roller

When you're always on the go, you might not have time to relax like you'd like to. If Mom is always thinking about others and thinks she doesn't have time to pamper herself, pick her up the "Chill Pill" roll-on by eSCENTialsAroma. Made with essential oils, jojoba, and vitamin E, to name a few, this aromatherapy roll-on helps relax stressed nerves, sooth anxiety, and regulate breathing. Give your mom a spa minute or two with this or other roll-ons by eSCENTialsAroma for around $18.00

The Jokester Mom

If you've got a mom that loves to laugh, she'll love these giggle-ensuing gifts:

3. Ear Ring Keyring

Does your mom always misplace her keys? Give her a helping hand, or, ear, with this silicone ear keyring. She'll never be late because she can't find her keys again! She just might be late for some other reason…find these ears in her favorite color online for around $10.

4. Wine Salad Socks

I mean wine is just a bunch of fruits in a bottle, right? It's totally a salad. Give your mom the excuse to grab another glass with these hilarious wine salad socks, just $10.

5. 401K Coin Purse

If anyone on Earth knows the value of a penny, it's a mom. Give her a giggle every time she gets change from the grocery store with this 401K coin purse you can grab for about $4.

The Bookworm Mom

If your mom loves literature, she'll love these novel gifts to help her carry her love of books with her always:

6. Out of Print Tote Bags

Your mom can carry everything she needs in one of these bags designed after her favorite books. Give her a classic like The Great Gatsby or get a little sentimental with a tote of your favorite childhood book she'd always read you before bed. Grab one of these classics for around $15.

7. Out of Print Novel Tees

If your mom loves novelty tees and novels, get her favorite book printed on a tee and let her wear her Pride and Prejudice on her sleeve (get it?) A couple of shirts may run you a little more than you might bargain for at $28, but most of the shirts you can find for under $25!

The Party Mom

Some moms are total wizards at throwing the perfect party or family get together. Keep your mom's entertaining skills sharp with these gifts:

8. Kikkerland Bartending Glasses

Mom can become a bartender whiz with these 8-oz glasses that show you how to make four popular party drinks: the mojito, bloody marry, whiskey fix, or salty dog. Literally – the instructions are on the glass! Make mom a drink master with these glasses for around $20.

9. Groovebook.com

If your mom takes pictures at every event, party, family get together, etc. but never knows what to do with them, sign her up for Groovebook! A monthly subscription is just $3 and with it your mom can select up to 100 photos from her phone each month and get a picture book made of those pictures sent to her in the mail! They even come perforated so she can share her favorite snaps! She won't have to fear losing images or sweet pictures of her kids and grandkids as long as she's got these.

The Art Connoisseur Mom

For the mom who loves hanging the finer things in her home:

10. A Mother's Love Woodblock Print

Add a touch of "Awww" to your mom's crib with this hand carved woodblock print by artist Rachel Kroh. Anywhere your mom puts this piece will bring warmth and fond memories (and score great points from mom when she can brag about it to her friends). Pick up this precious piece of art for about $24.

11. A World of I Love You Map Print

This super sweet map shows the 50 ways people say I love you around the world. It barely scratches the surface of how many times you've told your mom you love her throughout your life, but it's a beautiful reminder of how there's so many words for one beautiful thing – loving your mama. Pick up this beauty for around $25.

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