Undistracted Drivers: 3 ways tech can help

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By: Donna Ruko | Cassarah Coffey Posted: 6:01 PM, Apr 26, 2017

The insurance company Allstate is warning drivers not to be like their "Mayhem" character and for good reason.

Their latest survey found that 50 percent of drivers have admitted to using a hand-held phone and 35 percent even admitted to texting while driving. According to AAA’s Nathan Warren-Kigenyi those aren't the only distracting features of your phone. Checking GPS, changing music, interacting with social media, those are all things people are doing on their phones that could cause distraction. Donna Ruko is taking a look at new technologies that can actually help keep you safe while driving, without the distractions.

1.  Use an App

Apps like LifeSaver can lock your phone from receiving calls, messages and notifications while you're on the go. There are even apps that will reward you for staying focused on the road and not your phone.

2.  Install a Device

There is a product called DriveID and it can actually identify a driver versus a passenger, and creates a policy in the vehicle that prevents distracted driving. The device attaches to your windshield and disables phones with the Cellcontrol app from being used while in the car. You can manage all your family members' phones on one account to see how safely they're driving.

3.  Built-In Technology

Car companies such as Ford are focusing drivers on the road with built-in technology called MyKey. They now have this standard on every vehicle. You can use one key to set restrictions on another, you can put speed limiters, you can limit radio to certain decibels how loud it's going to be, you can also restrict the phone from receiving phone calls while they're driving.

Big thanks to Tanner Cathcart and Sanderson Ford!

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