Up Your Self-Praise Game

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By: Jacqui Denker Posted: 4:42 PM, Jun 29, 2022 Updated: 7:30 AM, Jul 29, 2022

We invest in art, real estate, and the stock market… So why not invest in ourselves? If you have trouble putting yourself first, self-praise may be the ticket.
“Self-praise often helps you fast forward the progress of believing in yourself and achieving the confidence and self-worth you’re looking for,” says Transformational Coach & Trauma Support Specialist Dina Lobo.

Starting with- saying kinder words to yourself.

“Let’s be honest. How often do we tell ourselves I’m not good enough,” Lobo says. “I’m not worthy of this promotion. I am fearful to start something that I’m so passionate about. I mess everything up.”
It’s time we reframe our thoughts by saying: “These are the limitations of my past and do not hold any meaning in the present.”
Further this practice by using “I” statements: “I am in my healing journey. I am going to transform myself today. And I’m so committed. I am fearless. I am grateful. I deserve this kind of respect because I am so worthy of abundance and happiness.”

Next- practice giving yourself praise in the mirror.

“As soon as you wake up, I want you to get into this mental state of telling yourself how I wanna feel today,” Lobo advises. “And say it out loud to yourself! I want to feel happy. I wanna be playful.”
And at night, do the same thing. Once you get into the habit of catering to how you feel in the morning, you can start looking at yourself like a friend. And, like a snowball effect, you build that connection with yourself day after day.

Finally- try practicing praise through art.

Self-praise through art helps you rediscover a long-hidden passion that we tend to shut down as we age.
Self-praise through art is helping you rediscover a passion because we all have the creative side to ourselves, but most often, it is shut down. You need a canvas, plastic cups, and ready-to-pour acrylic paint.
Fill the cup with whatever colors you’d like, flip it onto the canvas and swirl away! And she says to try and detach from the outcome…
“When you look at them, you now know that, hey, I don’t have to control everything. I have to let go of my worries because I trust in my abilities and the creative, you know, side. And that is wonderful.”