Up Your Tailgating Game with These 3 Products

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:52 PM, Oct 25, 2017

Football season is in full swing and watching the games are fun, but where the parties really at is in the parking lot. But before you get in on the action you have got to be prepared. From the Cadillac of coolers to a high-tech lawn chair, Jared Cotter found the gear that'll make you the envy of any tailgate.

1.  Cooler Cannon

You load your ice into the ice cavity, take the cans and put them in the magazine. Hit the remote and the motor cycles a spring-loaded lever and you're shooting cans to your buddy with the touch of a remote all in under two seconds. You can preorder one for around $195.

2.  Shaze

This is a lounge chair perfect for a tailgate because it has so many built in features. Grab a cold one from its built-in cooler, kick back and get pumped for the game with some tunes from their arm chair speakers. You can preorder one up for around $100.

3.  Instagate

This is a product that packs everything you need for a tailgate, in one convenient box. It comes with a BBQ, charcoal, plates, cups, utensils and a bottle opener. Pick one up for around $30.

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