Vacation Ideas: 6 dizzying national parks facts

Summer vacation means time to spend seeing new things and hanging out with your favorite people. If you're looking for ideas of places to explore with the kids or some friends this summer season, we've got your go-to list for mind-blowing facts about America's national parks that will make you want to go and see to believe.

1. 15.6 million – the amount of people that went to the most visited national park last year

331,000,000 people visited national parks last year, the most visited one being Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

2. 100 – the amount of people that went to the least visited national park last year

While a beautiful location, just a handful of people visited Aniakchak, Alaska last year; maybe it's just too far of a trek for some mainlanders. Would you give the national park a try?

3. 84.9 million – how many acres of land our national parks occupy

At 6 times the size of Yellowstone, the largest national park in the US is Wrangell-St. Elias, Alaska. But if you can't make it up there, there's still plenty of land you can find to explore near you!

4. 1949 feet – the depth of Crater Lake in Oregon

This lake is the deepest one in the US and one of the clearest in the world! You'll want to jump right in – but don't. Don't do that.

5. 7 – the number of islands that make up the only park you need to reach by boat or seaplane

Dry Tortugas National Park is just to the west of Key West, Florida, and is the perfect destination for anyone that loves snorkeling, diving, and hanging with sea turtles. Just make sure you're comfortable riding a ferry or plane to get there – it's the only way!

6. 50 – the amount of artist-in-residence programs offered by the National Park Service

To inspire the masses to visit their national parks, the NPS created a program to motivate artists to move to certain parks and create paintings, photos, or writings about them, to feed the peoples' need to visit and appreciate the parks. Talk about a great incentive to work on your brush strokes.

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