Veggie cocktails: 3 healthy & delicious recipes

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By: Teresa Strasser | Elyse Johnson Posted: 5:19 PM, Mar 3, 2017

The hot new trend for Happy Hour is mixing in some vegetables with cocktails so Teresa Strasser and The Phoenician's Robert Porter are mixing up three healthy and delicious recipes using bell peppers, peas and even asparagus that you can make at home.

1.  Pea-Tini

Pinch of mint

½ oz lime

¾ oz egg white

5 sugar snap peas

¾ oz simple syrup

2 shots of absolute elderflower tea vodka

2.  Bell Tower

2 oz watermelon vodka

4 red bell pepper pieces

¾ oz honey (1/2 honey and ½ water)

Small rosemary sprig

¾ oz lime juice

Top off with Soda

3.  The Incredible Hulk

1 stalk chopped asparagus

2 oz NOLET’s Gin

¼ oz green chartruse

½ oz lime juice

½ oz agave

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