Vinyl Record Stores: 3 Best Places to Buy Vinyl Records Across America

Across America
By: Jacqui Denker | Segun Oduolowu | Victor Padilla Posted: 11:55 AM, Dec 3, 2018 Updated: 12:03 PM, Dec 3, 2018

Vinyl records are making a comeback, which is music to our ears! If you’re looking for the best vinyl record stores, look no further, because we’ve rounded up three amazing places to buy vinyl records across the country.


1. Amoeba – Los Angeles, CA


First on our list of best vinyl record stores? Were pressin’ play in los Angeles at Amoeba Music. No matter what genre of music you’re looking for, Amoeba’s got it. But make sure you have time to look around because they’re the world’s largest independent record store. Once you find your tunes, you might be lucky enough to bump into a celeb or check out a live performance! Amoeba also has locations in Berkley and San Francisco.


2. Stinkweeds – Phoenix, AZ


We’re keeping it spinnin’ at Stinkweeds in Phoenix, Arizona, which lands at number two on our list of best vinyl record stores. Stinkweeds boasts 31 years of hand picking music that you probably won’t find in the mainstream. So if being ahead of the trend is your thing, Stinkweeds may just be your spot. They even open their doors to up-and-coming bands to showcase their talent.


 3. Third Man Records – Nashville, TN


Track number three takes us to Detroit, Michigan to Third Man Records. Founded by White Stripes singer Jack White, Third Man Records is a label, venue, storefront and vinyl pressing plant. That’s right! While shopping for your records, peak through the windows of the plant to see records being pressed in real time. And if that isn’t awesome enough, step into the recording booth to create your own vinyl record! Third Man Records also has a location in Detroit! This is one of those vinyl record stores you have got to visit if you’re ever in town.


If you’re looking for the best vinyl record stores to hit up, now you’ve got three wonderful options!


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