Virtual Escape Rooms: 3 Amazing Digital Escape Rooms

By: Orlando Morales | Jimmy Rhoades | Victor Padilla Posted: 2:21 PM, Jun 18, 2020 Updated: 2:29 PM, Jun 18, 2020

Escape rooms are a fun activity where you solve riddles, puzzles and collect clues with a group of friends. But did you know you can play one from the comfort of your own home? The List rounded up three cool virtual escape rooms to keep your brain busy and entertained.


1. Sherlock’s Escape Rooms


First up, the escape rooms at Sherlock’s in Florence and Cold Spring, Kentucky now offer an online option. “We thought to keep a heartbeat on the business was to come up with a fun way to entertain people while they are at home,” says Jennifer Maki, the owner of Sherlock’s Escape Rooms. For $80, a group of up to eight can join a Zoom call and work with a live actor. Cara Harrison, who lives in Cincinnati, tried the virtual option for herself with a few friends. “I’ve done Zoom trivia nights and other Zoom party-themed type things,” she explains. “This was definitely something fun and different.” You can experience their room on Zoom by visiting


2. The Escaper


At number two is The Escaper, a $4 computer game on the Steam store and Google Play that lets you explore four different themed rooms. With realistic physics and easy-to-understand controls, players look for carefully hidden clues inside the room. Keep solving the mysteries and you gain access to more rooms!


3. Alone Together


And third on our list of fun virtual escape rooms is Alone Together – an online escape room created by Sacramento, California’s Enchambered. This free two-player game is located at You and a friend decipher puzzles that require constant communication to solve, which can be tougher than it sounds. But you know what they say – teamwork makes the dream work!


Considered your weekend plans booked, because now know of three virtual escape rooms to keep you entertained.