Visiting San Diego? See the 3 Prettiest Places Across America

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Posted: 10:18 PM, Mar 13, 2018

Our country is filled with so much gorgeous scenery. That's no secret. Our viewers have spoken, and they've helped us select the most stunning spots from coast to coast. Here are our picks for the prettiest places across America. 

1. Torrey Pines – San Diego, California 

Our first pick comes courtesy of Meteorologist Angelica Campos at 10 News in San Diego. Torrey Pines is filled with stunning views and scenery. The cliff sandstone formations are jagged and rise and fall along eight miles of hiking trails. It is a 2,000 acre state natural reserve. And just down the road is the legendary lodge at torrey pines and golf course. 

2. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – Alger County, Michigan 

Our friends on Facebook pointed us to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Located in the upper peninsula of Lake Superior, it runs for more than 40 miles. It features towering sandstone cliffs, beaches, waterfalls, forests and even a lighthouse. 

3. Mammoth Cave National Park – Kentucky 

With more than 400 miles of mapped passageways underground, Mammoth Cave National Park is the world's longest cave system. There are ranger-led tours and activities and bring a sweater, since temperatures deep down can be as low as 54F. Its best-known site is the Frozen Niagara section, featuring waterfall-like flowstone formations. 

From the wide and rising plains, to the great mountains and the sea, these gorgeous sights are making us want to pack our bags and travel for the weekend.  

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