Waffle fries: 4 recipes that are almost too delicious

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 9:39 PM, Mar 3, 2017

If you love fries you will freak for this. There’s actually a restaurant called Grubstak and they use waffle fries in everything, including salad and dessert. Founder Colton Grubb is sharing four of their secret recipes that are almost too delicious.

1.  Waffle Fries For Breakfast

The Grubstak – 50/50 Waffle Fries, Pork Belly, Schreiner’s Breakfast Sausage, Cheddar Cheese, Au Jus, *Two Fried Eggs

— 50 / 50 Waffle Fries; 1/2 Sweet Potato Fries & 1/2 Regular Fries

— Schreiner's Breakfast Sausage

— Pork Belly; Thick Cut Bacon

— Au Jus; A thin style reduced gravy. (Ours is a two-day process!)

— Shredded Cheddar Cheese

— Two Sunny Side Up Eggs; seasoned with a little salt & pepper

***This one has all your breakfast needs. For the really hungover hungry, double up on the meat or eggs.

2.  Waffle Fries as Slider Buns

Happy Hour Sliders

— Instead of your typical bun, use Waffle Fries for your favorite slider recipe!

— Ours feature a sampling of our Signature Menu Items: Caprese, Sweet Lou's BBQ, and Gold Rush!

***Try regular or sweet potato waffle fries as the bun. Or go crazy and use one of each! Life’s short, after all.

3.  Waffle Fries as a Salad Topping

The Ultimate Salad – Romaine, Kale, Coleslaw, BBQ Braised Beef, Pork Belly, Waffle Fries, *Fried Egg

— Kale

— Romaine

— Cabbage Slaw Mix

— House made Coleslaw Dressing

— House Braised Beef Rib; 5 hours of love. 

— Pork Belly

— BBQ Sauce

— 1 Sunny Side Up Egg

— Waffle Fry “Croutons”

***A fun variation is to replace the BBQ Beef Rib with our Golden Chicken. Feel good about eating your greens without the pesky still-hungry side effect of other boring salads.

4.  Waffle Fries for Dessert

Sweet As Honey – Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, Cinnamon, Sugar, Sweet Chili Honey,

Whipped Cream

— Sweet Potato Waffle Fries

— Cinnamon & Sugar Mix

— Sweet Chili Honey Sauce

— Whipped Cream

***The new, cooler cousin of funnel cake and churros who’s off to steal their girls. A fun variation is to add our Marshmallow Fudge Sauce.

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