Walgreens Coupons: 4 Genius Hacks to Save Money at Walgreens

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 11:11 AM, Dec 5, 2018 Updated: 9:53 AM, Dec 6, 2018

Most people think of Walgreens as a pharmacy, but there’s actually tons of ways to save on everyday purchases, especially personal care. The List chatted with Free Stuff Finder’s Tina Su who shared some of the best Walgreens coupons and hacks that could save you tons of cash on your next visit.

1. Get the Walgreens App

Use your Walgreens mobile app to browse and access paperless coupons. There are manufacturer coupons that are digital and some that you can clip. There are also some Walgreens coupons that you can add to your account, so when you’re checking out, the coupon will just come off your total. 

2. Coupons  

Don’t forget to grab that handy coupon booklet in store. You can find it at the front of the store next to the circulars and they come out with new ones every single month. You can stack those with manufacturer coupons and in-store sales. Plus, Walgreens coupons have a unique feature. They will automatically apply to multiple items in the same transaction. 

“If you’re buying ten packs of gum and there happened to be a Walgreens coupon for a dollar off, all you need is one of those coupons,” Tina explains, “and it will take off $10 out of your total.” This is unique to how Walgreen codes its scanners. Competitors such as CVS require a coupon for each individual item.

3. Play the Points

Walgreens’ main points program is called “Balance Rewards.” But don’t stop there! Sign up for Everyday Points. It’s a separate program that you have to sign up for. Then simply activate the Everyday Points perk at Walgreens.com/balance. “You just have to do it once, and once you do it, for every dollar that you spend you will get an additional ten points back in bonuses,” Tina says. Cha-ching!

4. Become a Beauty Enthusiast

Finally, for even more rewards, join Walgreens’ take on the beauty club, which they call the “Beauty Enthusiast.” You can earn five thousand points, which is the equivalent of five dollars, for every $50 you spend in the beauty department. That’s the usual stuff like hair care and makeup, plus at Walgreens it also includes oral hygiene products like toothpaste and toothbrushes.  Sign us up ASAP, please!

So next time you’re making a Walgreens stop, make sure to use these tips to make the most out of your visit and get extra savings out of it!


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