Want to be a brand ambassador? First, get to know these 3 tips

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:05 PM, Aug 21, 2017

If you're looking for a job that helps you meet new people, show off your personality, and maybe even get you some free stuff; being a brand ambassador might be the perfect side gig for you! Kristina Guerrero asked branding expert Ali Craig what it takes to burst into the unique, exhilarating ambassador world; and what you can do to make yourself the best candidate (and a few extra bucks).

1. Get to Know the Brand

Not just what it's logo looks like or what its slogan is, but what the brand stands for. Where is it sold? Who is its audience? Can you connect with those people? As an ambassador, you'll show people what your brand is about by what you say and how you act.

If you're phony and don't know much about the product, people might think your brand's product is phony too.

2. Get to Know Your Brand's Industry

When people come to you to learn about the brand you represent, it'll be helpful for you to know why your brand is better than the competition. A bubbly personality and fun giveaways will attract people to you, but it might not be enough to convince them to switch from their old brand to your new and improved version.

Knowing what your brand's competitors are doing can help you make your brand – and you – stand out.

3. Get to Know Your Brand's Experience

Certain brands are known for giving off a certain experience or feeling. Ford F-150 commercials are rough and tumble; Victoria's Secret commercials are coy, sexy, and feminine. Knowing what experience your brand wants to present itself with will help you match the brand's energy.

Are you pumped and wild like Monster energy drinks? Or do you appreciate taking time to relax and enjoy things, like a fine wine or liquor? Knowing how to spot a brand's energy and experience can help you be a better ambassador for the brand and help you better connect with its audience.

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