Waste time with these 3 cool fidget toys

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By: Donna Ruko | Orlando Morales Posted: 8:11 PM, May 24, 2017

Recently we've been seeing a lot of new products called fidget toys. They're little gadgets that let your restless fingers play with something that's oddly satisfying. Donna Ruko is taking a look at three that want to delight your digits.

1.  Addictive Fidget Spinners

These are the kind of spinners you see children playing with. They offer the more common three pointed variety but also offer edgy styles like this mesmerizing shuriken. As their video shows, some of them use high quality bearings to get you sick spins. They’re available online and start at $8 and go up from there.

2.  The Jammer

This is a fidget toy inspired by an old Japanese game of skill. After removing covers on its sticky pads you stand it up and send it for a tumble. There are many ways to play with it like dribbling, flicking it between your fingers or trying to see how many rotations you can make before it stands up. The coolest one is a ping pong style game you can play with a friend. You can grab one online for around $12.

3.  Fidget Cube

This one is quite possibly the toy that kicked this trend off. Each of the cube's six sides caters to a different nervous tick. Clicking, flipping and spinning, just to name a few. Fidget cube allows you to satisfy you fidgeting without endlessly annoying those around you. They're going for around $22 online.

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