Watch P!nk Fan Victoria Anthony’s Best Performance Videos

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Posted: 5:57 PM, May 21, 2018

This teen's singing talent just caught the attention of P!nk in the most amazing way possible. Her name is Victoria Anthony, and at only 12 years old, she already earned the chance to perform in front of approximately 20,000 people next to her idol. That's why today on the Viralist, we're wrapping up three reasons why we're already obsessed with this precious fan encounter.  

1. Victoria's Viral Social Plea 

Everything started back in April 29th, when Victoria took to her YouTube Channel to ask P!nk if she could sing with her at her next concert. The power and magic of the internet went to work after that and the video went viral.  

2. Her Follow-Up Plea Pre-Concert

Victoria didn't stop at one viral video. She followed up with the singer in the morning of the Vancouver concert with another YouTube video, just to get one more shot at her dream performance. Little did she know, P!nk already had something planned for her. 

3. P!nk Makes Her Dream Come True 

P!nk's concert started as usual but when the singer spotted Victoria on the crowd she asked, "Are you who I read about on the news?" The singer then invited Victoria to serenade the stadium, after which the fan took the mic and showed off her chops! The flawless performance of "Perfect" has already racked up almost two million views on YouTube.

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