Weed Cooking Shows 2019: 3 Best Cannabis Shows on Netflix, Prime & Viceland

weed cooking shows 2019

April 20th, or 4/20, has become known as a national holiday for cannabis culture. So we’re getting ready with three weed cooking shows that bringing marijuana to the kitchen.


1. Bong Appetit: Cook Off


Let’s kick of weed cooking shows list with Bong Appetit: Cook Off. B-Real is known as the lead rapper in the hip hop group Cypress Hill, but now he’s the host of Viceland’s cooking competition show where chefs go head-to-head to create high-end dishes featuring food infused with marijuana. You’ll see other familiar faces on the show, too, like Wiz Kalifa and much more! In fact, B-Real gave us some serious clues about other special guests still to come. “There is a couple coming up with some legendary people in the cannabis culture,” says the hip hop legend. “These dudes are basically the guys who made is possible for all of us, so you can try and figure out who that is, but it’s a duo – how ’bout that?” Hmm, maybe Cheech and Chong? You’ll have to watch to find out!


2. Cooking on High


Let’s continue our list of best weed cooking shows with Cooking on High at number two. This Netflix original has a similar premise, where two chefs go against one another to prepare cannabis-infused meals for a panel of very chill judges. Whoever earns the highest score gets the golden pot – the kind you can actually cook in. You can stream the full first season now!


3. Munchies


And after all of that food, you know what comes next – the munchies! That show’s at number three. This Funny or Die series gets your favorite celebs in the kitchen to get high and prepare – you guessed it! – their favorite munchies. Witness antics like comedienne Nicole Byer’s attempt at making funnel cakes. Trust us – this is one of those weed cooking shows that’s sure to be a hit! Watch the full series now on Funnyordie.com and Amazon Prime.


Get your Doritos ready, because now you’ve got three high-larious weed cooking shows to watch with your buds!


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