Weird Homes: The 4 Craziest Houses We’ve Ever Seen!

No matter where we live, – whether it's a house, condo or apartment – we like to make our home our own unique slice of heaven. Some people have taken this concept to the extreme – from upside down houses to underground palaces. Here are four of the wackiest homes we’ve ever seen!


1. The Upside Down House

Let’s start with the Upside Down House, which is located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. In case you’re wondering, yes, this is a real house for which no detail was overlooked. You can even tour this twisted take on the family home for eight bucks per person. 


2. Hilltop Mansion

Next we’re hitting Hollywood! No stranger to crazy and over-the-top, this famous L.A. neighborhood houses the famous Hilltop Mansion. This five-bedroom, ultra-modern masterpiece features a sprawling, open air design. Even the bedrooms open up to the elements! You’ll be happy to know the home is for sale. The bad news? You'll need almost thirty seven million bucks to buy it.


3. Missile Silo House

If Hollywood’s too flashy for you, keep it on the down low with our next crazy house. Located near the Adirondack Mountains in New York, the Missile Silo House was designed to double as bunker. Just as its name suggests, it can take a direct hit from a nuclear missile! So, if you have a pack of toddlers running around, they probably won't be tearing this house up.


4. Shipping Container Mansion

Finally, let’s bounce down to Australia for the last crazy home on our list – a shipping container mansion. Sure, there's plenty of great shipping container homes here stateside – but the Aussies always go all out! The house even has a luxury kitchen area. Cool, huh?


From upside down houses to upcycled dwellings down under – these are some of our favorite crazy homes!


Of these four houses, which one would YOU live in?! Tell us your thoughts on our Facebook page, @TheListShowTV.

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