What Are Nap Pods? 3 New Sleep Room Trends Helping You Rest Up

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By: Meredith Whittar | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 12:11 PM, Jul 19, 2018

It’s no secret that people all over the country are constantly looking for ways to sneak in more sleep into their day. Now, there’s nap pods, nap rooms, and so many more options to do get your nap on. Throw on some jammies, because we’re bringing you three genius inventions that are making us a nation of napping. 

1. Nap Pods 

That’s right, nap pods are now a thing. And there’s no venue more perfect than party city itself – Las Vegas. The new nap pods are located at Fashion Show Mall on the Vegas strip, and you can even charge your phone in them while you re-charge for the day ahead. It’s $8 for a 30-minute nap, and they get cleaned after each use. Pods like these are popping up by different companies in airports and universities. The features in the nap pod include dimming lights, music, a reclining chair that goes all the way back and music that wakes you up once your time is up.  

2. Nap Rooms 

These are exactly what you’d think – rooms that you can rent out to nap in! They’re mostly in bigger cities like New York, L.A. and Chicago, but are slowly expanding. A D.C.-based company was just featured on Shark Tank. Pricing varies by time and location, but you can usually book a nap for around $30. 

3. Nap by the Hour 

Another napping option for sleep-deprived folks is an app called “Recharge.” It lets you rent hotel rooms by the minute…to sleep, people! Prices range from 40 cents to $2 a minute, but doctors agree that naps can help you refresh your day. Right now, this app is only available in San Francisco and New York, but they plan to expand soon.  

Face it – we’re a nation that’s as busy as they come, and it wouldn’t hurt to get an extra snooze during the day. Now you’ve got three new ways to do that!

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