What is MCT Oil & What is MCT Oil Good For? 3 Benefits Explained!

By: Olivia Schneider | Segun Oduolowu | Victor Padilla Posted: 11:48 AM, May 10, 2019

You may have heard about a wonder oil called MCT. But what is MCT oil, and what is MCT oil good for? To find out, we spoke with bio-nutritionist Dr. Shawn Talbott who broke down some of the properties and benefits. We also turned to Chef Teresa Hansen to check out three different forms of MCT and how to use it in our foods.


What is MCT Oil?


If you’ve bene wondering, what is MCT oil?, then look no further! “MCT oils, or medium chain triglycerides, are a type of fat that are metabolized a lot quicker than typical fat,” says Dr. Talbott. “They can actually enhance your ability to burn more fat.” How awesome! Read on to learn three of the biggest benefits of MCT oil.


1. It’s Anti-Inflammatory


What is MCT oil good for, you ask? Let’s dive into the benefits, starting with its anti-inflammatory effects. “MCTs can be very anti-inflammatory, especially in the gut,” says Dr. Talbott. So where you can find MCTs? “In coconut oil – it’s one of the primary sources where you can find MCTs,” shares Chef Teresa – who also has an inflammation-fighting recipe up her sleeve. “We’re going to incorporate some other healthy fats from salmon, along with ginger, into a simple salmon cake that we’ll serve with a pineapple salsa,” offers the chef.  Teresa uses coconut oil to fry the salmon cakes for a delicious way to get MCTs. Get her recipe for salmon cakes and pineapple salsa here.


2. MCT Oil is Good for Appetite Control


Did you know MCT oil is good for appetite control? “Any kind of fat in the body is gonna help with appetite control or what we call satiety – but MCTs seem to be particularly effective,” explains Dr. Talbott.  So Chef Teresa whipped up a light snack that actually helps decrease appetite faster using ghee, which is another place to find MCTs. So how does this curb your appetite? “MCTs help a specific hormone in the body to tell our brain that we’re full and satisfied,” informs Chef Teresa. So we popped popcorn in some ghee, then tossed it in chili lime seasoning and mixed in some cashews. Learn how to make Teresa’s chili lime popcorn and cashew snack mix here.


3. It Benefits Brain Energy


Finally, one of the fat’s coolest benefits is its ability to give the brain energy. “People who want more brain energy and focus – they can use MCTs to amp up that brain performance,” advises Dr. Talbott. To help give your brain a boost, Chef Teresa has an acai smoothie bowl using MCT concentrate, which is derived from coconut oil and can be purchased in most grocery stores. We added protein powder to frozen acai, plus banana and coconut milk. Get the whole acai smoothie bowl recipe here.


Of all the buzzwords out there in health, wellness, and diets, this healthy form of fat is definitely one of the most popular right now. So if you’ve been wondering, what is MCT oil good for?, now you know three major benefits.


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