What is Nitro Cold Brew? 3 Ways to Make Nitro Coffee

By: Todd Covelli | Victor Padilla | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 10:00 AM, Mar 4, 2019 Updated: 3:14 PM, Mar 5, 2019

Cold brew coffee is the “cool” trend right now, but we’re taking it to the next level with nitro cold brew. You might be asking yourself, what is nitro cold brew? Welp, we met with Jennifer Slusher of Provision Coffee in Phoenix, Arizona who explained and showed us how to make nitro cold brew at home.


What is Nitro Cold Brew?


Nitro cold brew is created by simply adding a blast of nitrogen to your coffee. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gas that adds a sense of sweetness to your java without all the extra calories.


Southwest Sunrise

Rising to the top of our list is the Southwest Sunrise – the first nitro cold brew on our list.


  • Add 1.5 pumps of simple syrup in mixing pitcher
  • Add 5 drops of Más Mole Bitters to mixing pitcher
  • Add approximately 10 oz. cold brew coffee to mixing pitcher, stir well
  • Here: Add ice sphere from the freezer into old fashioned glass
  • To go: Fill 16 oz. cup with ice 2/3
  • Pour over ice
  • Tighten orange twist garnish to release oils, rim the glass with outside peel with pressure to apply oils on rim, and drop on top


Havana Nights

We’re shaking it up at number two, with the Havana Nights. This one starts with mint, simple syrup and chocolate bitters. Now for the Cuban part: we’re smoking the glass with real tobacco! And no worries – this isn’t like smoking a pack of Marlboros.


  • Prepare using a wood serving board.
  • Retrieve butane torch, demitasse saucer, metal ramekin, and brandy glass
  • Add small pinch of tobacco in ramekin and place in center of saucer
  • Add 1.5 pumps of simple syrup to mixing pitcher and 5 drops of Más Mole bitters to mixing pitcher
  • Remove sprig of mint and set aside for garnish on serving board
  • Add at least two stems of fresh mint broken in thirds and muddle the leaves in mixing pitcher
  • Add approximately 10 oz. nitro cold brew to pitcher, stir well
  • Add large scoop of ice to mixing pitcher
  • Use torch and lightly burn tobacco. Do not over burn but make sure all tobacco is lit. Quickly cover ramekin with glass/cup
  • Gently slap mint. Swirl mixing pitcher for approximately 30 sec to let smoke fill glass/cup.
  • Flip glass/cup in front of guest releasing smoke and quickly pour cold brew and garnish with fresh mint


The Casablanca


We’ll end our list of nitro cold brews in style, with the Casablanca. This concoction starts sweet with simple syrup – then it gets sweeter.


  • Add 1/2 ounce of spiced honey to brandy glass
  • Add 1 pump of simple syrup
  • Add 5 drops of Figgy Pudding bitters
  • Here: Add ice cubes in brandy glass
  • To go: Fill 16 oz. plastic cup with ice
  • Add approximately 10 oz. nitro cold brew, stir well
  • Add a dash of Black Walnut bitters and dust with light cardamom and Ceylon cinnamon.


Put on your barista hat and give these recipes a whirl!


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