What Your Favorite Beer Says About Your Personality

Horoscopes and Myers Briggs tests aren’t the only ways to decipher your personality. Sometimes you needn’t look any further than the malt in your mug. Forget looking to the stars, because we’re looking to the suds to see what your favorite beer says about your personality.


1. Amber


Amber beers range from light- to medium-bodied, making them a versatile and palatable choice for most drinkers. You simply can’t go wrong with this “safe bet” of a beer. For this reason, people who stick to amber beers shy away from taking risks, and feel more comfortable walking the mild side of life. They tend to dislike surprises, and prefer to plan things out and be prepared. Ambers are also characterized by their slightly fruity and caramel flavors – so amber fans are often sweet and friendly in nature.


2. Blonde/Lager


Blondes and lagers are light in flavor and easy to drink. Lovers of these beers mimic these traits; their personalities are light-hearted and easy-going. They try their best not to over-think or over-complicate life matters. They are sociable and gravitate to outdoor activities, such as firing up the BBQ or attending a baseball game. In a nut shell, they like simple things and easy choices.


3. IPA


IPAs are considered an “advanced” craft. The IPA’s bold, bitter flavors make it somewhat of an acquired taste among beer enthusiasts. Appreciating its robust flavors, IPA admirers often exhibit brash personality traits. These social butterflies are talkative, out-going, and openly embrace new experiences.


4. Brown/Porter/Stouts


Brown, porter, and stout crafts bristle with dark, creamy flavors. These are the kinds of beers one drinks leisurely, with each sip savored and appreciated. Fans of brown/porter/stout beers mirror this sipping style in other aspects of their lives, making them contemplative and intelligent. They love engaging in meaningful conversations among intimate circles of friends. They much prefer small social settings, and avoid large, loud, crowded environments.


5. Sour


Sour beers are acidic and tart in taste, making them an uncommon choice among most bar patrons. Sour aficionados tend to be quirky in personality, and possess a unique affinity for life’s oddities. They are open to strange, unusual experiences – and friends might even describe them as being a little unpredictable!


If you’ve ever wondered what your beer says about your personality, now you know!


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